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What is the cost to rent the venue?

Click here for pricing

How do I reserve a date?

  1. Email the preferred date and a potential back-up date to

  2. Secure the date with a signed contract and an initial payment of $1,500 ($2,500 for wedding 

  3. Dates are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis.


When are payments due?

50% of the remaining balance will be due 9 months prior to your event with the remaining balance due 30 days prior.

*All Venues in Kentucky are now required to add 6% sales tax to all rentals

In addition to the venue rental deposit, a damage/excessive cleanup deposit is required in the amount of $500.00 and is due at the same time as the third payment. After your event, if no damage was assessed, the full $500.00 will be refunded.

Are we required to get Event Insurance?

Yes. This generally costs under $200. White Oaks Event Center LLC must be named on your policy. is a popular company to use, although you can often add a rider to your homeowners policy. If you plan to serve alcohol, your policy must include alcohol liability.

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

Tours are by appointment only. Request a tour here!

How many guests can the event center seat?

Our main level is 4,300 square feet and can seat around 250 guests at round/rectangle tables.

The additional 500 square feet on the upstairs balcony can be used as you wish.


Do you host events year round?

Absolutely! White Oaks is climate controlled for year-round events.

Are there overnight accommodations nearby?

Yes! We are located less than 2 miles from a variety of hotels including Springhill Suites, Hampton Inn & Holiday Inn Express.

How many cars will your parking lot hold?

Our parking lot can accommodate roughly 125 cars. Additional parking will be field parking

If our ceremony is held offsite, does the fee change?

No. In order for us to host only one wedding per day, the venue rental fee is the same whether you hold your ceremony, reception or both onsite.

What happens if it rains?

We suggest as you are planning your event to keep a rain plan in mind. If rain is eminent, we suggest holding the ceremony inside the barn with just enough chairs set up to accommodate close family and friends, then seat the rest of your guests at their tables during the ceremony. This will require less transition from ceremony to reception. We would be glad to share ideas prior to your wedding as you make your plans.

What form of payment does White Oaks accept?

Our preferred form of payment is check. Payment can be made by credit card for an additional 3% fee.


Can I use my own caterer?

You may use any licensed and insured caterer.  We do require that your caterer be in touch with us 30 days prior to the event to make specific arrangements and provide us with a copy of their catering license as well as Certificate of Liability Insurance listing White Oaks Event Center LLC as an additional insured. If the caterer is not licensed, you will be considered self-catering and will need to cover this on your Event Liability Insurance policy.

Do you have a kitchen?

Yes, we have a small prep kitchen available for your caterer to use as a set-up area. The prep kitchen includes a commercial refrigerator, large commercial 2 compartment sink and countertop, full size warmer & small deep freeze.

Can we have alcohol at our event?

Yes! We would be glad to discuss options to ensure your beverage needs are met.


Where can I hold my ceremony?

There are several ideal locations for a ceremony at White Oaks, for example:

- Behind the Barn: This location takes advantage of the distant tree-line and overlooks acres of farmland. Adding to the beauty is the back of the barn with its display of large windows and board & batten architecture​

- Inside the Barn: This location is perfect if you prefer an indoor ceremony option, especially during inclement weather. The beautiful indoor details and array of windows, offer views of the countryside and a picturesque combination of architecture and nature.

Can we decorate any way we prefer?

We ask that all decorations be discussed and pre-approved.  We do not allow any nailing or attaching items to the walls or ceiling unless it is specifically pre-approved.  We also do not allow open flame candles. You may arrange the tables any way you choose. Please remember that anything you bring in must be removed by the end of your event.

Does the Barn have a sound system?

Yes, the Barn has a simple PA system. However, it is there only for announcements and background music; it is not meant to replace a DJ or live band.

How will the tables and chairs be arranged for my event?

Your requested number of tables and chairs will be placed in the main facility but it will be your responsibility to arrange them as you wish.

What is the clean-up process?

Please make sure all trash is placed in trash bins and that any mess/spill is attended to.

What kind of tables and chairs do you have?

Included in your rental is 10 large farmhouse tables, 1 sweetheart farmhouse table and a mix of 60" round tables and 72" rectangular tables. 

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